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HCG Diet Miami is a site which gives you information on the HCG diet plan and where to purchase the real HCG drops.

I have been overweight for some time now and had just given up on ever losing weight or looking good again.  My confidence and self esteem were dragging low too.

Here is my story of how I stumbled upon the HCG diet drops and how it is so convenient to use at home.  No need for a perscription or waiting at a clinic for shots.  You can buy HCG online and take the drops in the privacy of your home.

My story (really quick)…Through a converstation with my mother, I found out that my sister had recently lost 25 pounds in two months.  What?!!  (My sister lives three time zones away so I don’t get to see her very often).

I quickly, but very politely, got off the phone with my mom and called my sister.  What was she doing to lose so much weight so quickly?  She told me about the “sublinqual drops”.  These were drops that you put under your tongue to get your metabolism going and to lose weight.  There are 8 women at the hospital where she works who are following the HCG diet plan and they were all having great success.

I must say that I got very excited and started to read a lot about HCG.  I had the option of the drops or the injections.  The drops seemed like the much easier route, so I ordered them on line and couldn’t wait.  Thank goodness that they were sent via courier!!

I made sure that I bought the same drops as my sister because I knew that they worked since they worked for her.  I didn’t want to gamble on another brand.

This is what she bought.

Here is how the HCG drops work.

You put 10 drops under your tongue three times a day.  Hold them under your tongue for a minute so that they get absorbed.  Do not eat or brush your teeth for at least 30 minutes.

You must follow a strict diet of no carbs, no dairy and no sugar.

So why add the drops?  According to research, when you reduce your caloric intake, you start to lose weight from your lean muscles.  When you take the real HCG drops, you lose weight from the fat, not the muscles.

It’s a great way to lose the belly fat!

I am using the drops and am having success.

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What Can You Eat on the HCG Diet?

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So ,what can you eat on the HCG diet?

Lots of different things.

When I first started the diet I thought it was quite restrictive. No carbs, no sugar and no diary.

The carbs and the dairy were easy to give up, but I must admit that the sugar was a bit of a challenge :)

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